Q Is there limit to quantity of purchasing?

A Some of the products have their limit quantity of purchase to make it fair for all customers to be able to make the purchase.

Q I have finished adding products to cart, how do I proceed to checkout?

A Please click the cart icon at the bottom right of the website. This menu will show summary of your ordered products, prices and delivery fee.

  •  After reviewing, click “Proceed to checkout”

  •  For the first time purchase, please fill in your address (your address will be stored in the system so you will not need to fill in again in the future purchases).

  • Select delivery method and time slot and click “Confirm” to proceed.

  •  You will be redirect to the Cart Summary Page to final review of the products in your cart, the total amount including the delivery fee and the estimated The 1 Card points you would earn in this order.

  •  If you have E-Coupon code, click “Enter coupon code” to expand the box.

  •  Click “Proceed to checkout” to proceed to payment

Q I made my order and I do not receive any email. What happened?

A Please check your junk mail folder. If you still do not see any email, please check your account information if your email displayed is correct. If your email address is correct, and you do not see the confirmation email, please contact us here or call 02-295-0930 to correct this.

Q How do I cancel my order?

A Go to the Account Menu at your activity bar and you will see “Purchase History”. Here you will see all your previous orders. Please select the order that is in process and click Cancel.

Q What is my order number?

A Order Number is a 12-digit number begins with letters. You can see your order number at the last page of checking out. You will also receive confirmation email with the order number.

 You may also see the order ID in your history purchase. Please go to your Account menu in the activity bar to see.

Q How do I repeat my order?

A You can order the very same order by the following steps; start with clicking "Account" menu at the right pane and hit "Order History"

 At the Order History page, select the order ID you wish to make the repeat purchase and click "Repeat Order"

Q How to see the order ID?

A The order ID is the number set you see at the end of your purchase. However, you can see the order ID from the History Order or from the confirmation email you received.

Q Why the product I receive does not look like what I see on the web

A Manufacturer constantly update their packaging to improve their sales, but do not worry, even different package but you sure get the same product.

 Same product, different packaging